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HR Philosophy

“Only good people can make good companies. Employees are the most valuable asset of OPR”

This is the concept of talent development in OPR, and is the basic policy of the guideline of OPR.

OPR needs a big responsibility, pragmatic, hard work, unity and cooperation and endless innovation. We adhere to the performance oriented through implementation of internal competition, open selection and promotion system, and provide fair development opportunities for every potential hard working staff to realize their own value.

We sincerely welcome you to join OPR! Let’s develop and grow with OPR!

Work and Life

We encourage employees to maintain a good balance between work and family responsibilities

Learning and development

We offer our employees a variety of opportunities to enhance their professional and personal skills and broaden their carrier path.


Our remuneration policy includes a competitive salary level, bonus, welfare benefits, and equity incentives that are closely related to individual performance.


We fully support and advocacy to build the enterprise culture, endeavor to attract and retain talents.

Students and Recent Graduates

If you have graduated or will graduate, are you willing to join OPR to achieve your career goals?

We have been looking for excellent staff for our rapid expansion of the various branches and the business. In OPR, you will have the opportunity to participate in the world’s most cutting-edge marine engineering research and development projects.

In campus recruitment, OPR searches for marine engineering, material engineering, civil engineering, ship design, mechanical design, information technology, sales and marketing business management and other professional students. We offer a variety of internship and part-time work in a number of cities across the country.

OPR’s student employment programs are designed to test students by working, which can expand their capabilities and allow them to combine theory with practice in the classroom. When they graduate, those who have a good academic record and have a good job will receive an invitation to OPR.

If you have intention to OPR internships or work study program, please send your resume to:


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