Offshore Pipelines & Risers-Flexible pipe
Reinforced Flexible Pipe (RFP) is a new kind of composite pipe developed internationally in recent years, its main 
features are corrosion resistance/ maintenance-free / high work pressure endurance and keeping flexibility at 
the same time, it can be made into a reel type with a length from tens of meters to kilometers in one reel. Daily
installation is over 1km, low installation cost, well received by customers.

1.Product Model And Specifications

OPR currently can produce the following four kinds of RFP:


Polyester-fiber Reinforced Pipe  Aramid-fiber Reinforced Pipe Glass-fiber Reinforced Pipe Steel-cord Reinforced Pipe


OPR's Reinforced Flexible Pipe Manufacturing Plant is located in Ningbo, it can produce a wide range of RFP ranging from 50-290mm (2-8 inch)ID with operation pressure up to 32 MPa (4650 psi) depending on the customer's requirements.  The major product specifications are as follows:


Nominal Diameter

2 inch

3 inch

4 inch

5 inch

6 inch

8 inch

Operating Pressure







Operating Temperature

 -40°C –130°C

Inner Layer

Polymers such as PE80, PE100, PA, PEX, PVDF etc.

Reinforced Layer

Reinforced material such as aramid fiber, polyester, glass fiber, steel wire, steel cord and steel tape etc.

Outer Layer

Polymers such as PE80,PE100, PA etc.

Remarks: OPR spoolable composite pipe products are designed, qualified, and manufactured in accordance with API 15S and API 17J. Products can be specially designed according to clients requirements.


      2.Production Base