Offshore Pipelines & Risers-In-field Liner

OPR has a complete set of advanced in-field liner repair technology for land and offshore pipelines, including R&D, design, testing, production and installation.


1. Pipe Rehabilitation Method

(1) CIPP liner repair is also known as "Pipe within a Pipe": in the existing old pipe inner wall, a liquid thermosetting resin is heated and solidified to form a thin layer which is tightly connected to the old pipe. It is the most popular trenchless pipeline rehabilitation method.





(2) U-insertion liner repair is also called Pull-in liner method: The steel wire rope is pulled in and passed through the old pipe, and the liner is connected to the free end of the wire rope and pulled into the old pipe. Then remove the wire rope, block both ends, use the pressure to make the liner expansion and closely contact with the host pipeline.




2. Advantages of Liner Rehabilitation for Old Pipelines

(1)Smoother: the polymer is smoother than the steel, and it can reach the same flow rate as the host steel pipe;

(2) More convenient and fast: trenchless repair, can be installed in long distance such as hundreds of meters or even thousands of meters, and it is can be easily repaired in remote areas. The installation equipment and technology are mature, and the installation time is shortened, the installation cost is greatly reduced.

(3)The corrosion resistance is excellent; the overall resistance to corrosion and compression of the hose pipe is enhanced as well.

(4) Prolong the service life: After liner repair, the pressure layer of the host pipeline is completely protected, which can prolong the life of the host pipeline which is nearly scrapped for at least 10-20 years. 

(5)Healthier, safer and more environmental protective. Avoid using toxic chemicals and reduce environmental pollution when the pipelines are prevented from the internal corrosion. Less energy will be applied in construction and installation. Reduce the environmental impact caused by the pipeline leakage.

(6) Lower cost, the pipeline repair cost is about 50% of cost to replace with a new pipeline,. No need for regular anticorrosion inspection every year during the long life period, so it can save much anti-corrosion inspection cost once and for all.



3. OPR’s  Partner in Liner Hose Supply: Mandals AS

Mandals AS, founded in 1775, is a manufacturer specialized in producing flat hoses which was a holding company of Fenner Group Ltd.,

OPR is the exclusive agent and installation partner of Mandals AS in China for its liner products in the application of oil and gas pipeline rehabilitation.




One of the the top 3 world leading manufacturers of lay-flat hoses in both nitrile rubber and TPU

ISO 9001 certified

approx. 110 employees

a yearly turnover of ca. 200 MNOK (ca. 33 MUSD) and is growing fast

Started to produce various types of hose products in 1970 which have been widely used in the various walks of life, famous for its quality and safety.