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    我们一直在为我们飞速扩展的各子、 分公司及各项业务,寻找优秀的员工。在欧佩亚,你将有机会在世界最前沿的海洋工程研发项目参与合作。


  • 最新校园招聘岗位:

    Submarine Pipeline Engineer

    Job responsibilities:

    1.     Be responsible for the finite element analysis of the subsea pipeline and riser (steel and composite pipe) or joint

    2.     Write the finite element analysis report (English, Chinese)

    3.     Conceptual design of subsea pipeline and riser (steel and composite pipe)

    4.     Other engineers for finite element analysis training

    Job requirements

    1.     Bachelor degree or above, major in marine engineering or petroleum engineering

    2.     Excellent academic performance, proficiency in Office, AutoCAD, ABAQUS and other software (skilled in ABAQUS is preferred)

    3.     English level four or above, especially reading and writing. May communicate with foreign engineers and collaborative work

    4.     Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, good team work. Be able to obey the company’s work position and work place arrangement.

    5.     Be able to assist the company to complete the construction of the pipeline professional. Be familiar with the sea pipe layout.

    Work place: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing

    Structure Engineer

    Jot responsibilities:

    Marine engineering, oil and gas pipeline design, integrity management

    Integrity management is referred to in service pipeline leakage detection, assessment and maintenance.

    Job requirements:

    1.     Bachelor degree or above, major in civil engineering, ocean engineering, marine engineering or related major

    2.     Major in structure engineering or fluid mechanics in the same time. Material mechanics background is preferred.

    3.     Level four in English or above, and good in reading and writing skills in English

    4.     Steady work, good sense of responsibility and honor

    5.     Those who have good record are preferred first.

    Work place: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin

    Mechanical Designer 3 person


    1.     Bachelor degree or above, 3 years or above working experience

    2.     Mechanical design work experience or related graduation project in following (one of them)

    a.     Transmission design

    b.     Welded steel structure design

    c.     Engineering machinery – Crane design

    d.     Fixture design

    e.     Hydraulic system design

    3.     Skilled use of AutoCAD

    4.     Skilled use of UG (or related software)

    5.     Level four in English or above (if the work experience is rich, without this condition also possible)

    Work place: Hangzhou

    R&D Engineer 1 person

    Job responsibilities:

    R&D about pipeline leakage monitoring system, mainly for hardware modules including communication monitor and computer processing system.

    Job requirements:

    1.     Bachelor degree or above. Those who have working experience are preferred.

    2.     Communication engineering major

    3.     Level four in English or above

    4.     Diligent, pragmatic, excellent communication and expression ability

    Work place: Hangzhou

    Software Engineer 2 person

    Job responsibilities:

    1.     Completing the assignment to the research and development tasks

    2.     According to the specific requirements of the project, the completion of the design specification and unit test specification

    3.     Coding work

    Jot requirements:

    1.     Computer related major, college degree or above

    2.     1 year or above, C# client development experience or familiar with the C# language, familiar with the network programming, understanding, development of windows form, understand about applied common controllers.

    3.     Familiar with SQL Server, Oracle or MY sql database work.

    Work place: Hangzhou

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