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Bai Yong Ocean Engineering Laboratory is cooperated by OPR and the Zhejiang University, Civil Engineering Department is located in Zhejiang University Institute of architectural engineering construction experimental hall. Dr. Bai who has “One Thousand’s Plan” prize bended his mind to research and test of non-metallic pipelines. There are 8 laboratory researchers, 6 doctoral students, 14 graduate students and 9 sets of a variety size of equipment to carry out the mechanical properties of non-metallic pipelines. The Laboratory already had been verified the performance of the relevant products from the German Readlinger, Nanjing Chengguang, Shandong Wendeng, Malaysia oil company and other composite pipe company.

The long-term focus of laboratory is to combine the theory and the practice. A lot of work has been done in the mathematical analysis and finite element calculation of the non-metallic pipelines and achieved remarkable results. They also published more than 14 articles including two SCI articles. Currently, the Bai Yong Marine Engineering Research Laboratory has the following main equipment:

Single / multiple pressure testing equipment

Multi-channel low-voltage testing equipment

1000 tons /300 tons pipe internal and external pressure test equipment

25t electronic universal testing equipment

Pressure pump

Constant temperature water tank

Bending fatigue testing equipment

External pressure cylinder

Drop hammer impact test equipment

Rapid crack propagation testing equipment

Hot air circulation oven

Torsion testing equipment

Tensile testing equipment

The laboratory has been fully equipped with a comprehensive study of the application of non-metallic pipelines in the marine oil field with mathematical analysis, finite element simulation and the ability of the experiment. Laboratory has completed the following experiments:

Non-metallic pipe simple tensile / compression experiments

Non-metallic pipeline short / long-term internal / external pressure

Non-metallic pipeline thermal expansion experiment

Impact experiment in non-metallic pipeline

Wear experiment in non-metallic pipeline

Bending fatigue test of non-metallic pipeline

Non-metallic pipeline torsion test

Non-metallic pipeline oil compatibility test

The fluid in non-metallic pipeline compatibility test

Refractory non-metallic pipeline test

Non-metallic pipeline short / long term pressure blasting experiment

Hardness test of non-metallic pipeline

Minimum bending radius in non-metallic pipeline

High temperature in non-metallic pipeline test

Non-metallic pipeline vacuum test

Non-metallic pipeline collision and impact test

Seabed stability of non-metallic pipeline

Figure 1:Single high pressure test equipment (Max. 125MPa) / Multi phase high pressure test equipment (Max. 120MPa)


Multi- phase low pressure test equipment (Max. 16MPa)

Figure3:Drop hammer impact test equipment.

Figure4: High temperature air circulation test equipment   /   Constant temperature water tank

Figure5:Torsion test equipment.

Figure6:Pressure test equipment and other control system

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