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OPR has the integrity management software for independent research and development based on RBI and FFS analysis: IM-SPR can provide the full life cycle of subsea pipeline integrity management service.


Subsea pipeline RBI analysis is to guide the detection through risk, using the failure probability and the failure consequence to establish the risk matrix, RBI analysis is compared to the traditional regular detection. It has the advantages of saving time, resources, cost, and the accurate prediction of the pipeline risk level. If the risk which can give influence to control occurs, it will be predicted directly, and targeted to develop testing plans or maintenance program. More and more oil companies take the pipeline integrity analysis method, and its theory is also in constant improvement and development at the same time.

RBI Structure

l  Data Collection

l  Preliminary Analysis (Qualitative Analysis)

l  Detailed Analysis (Quantitative Analysis)

  l  Inspection Plan


FFS Service Optimization

In general, after the completion of the RBI analysis, FFS analysis is conducted to proof the work if the staff think the test plan is too conservative. Because RBI and FFS are based on different methods (RBI is based on the risk and structural reliability, while FFS is based on the strength theory), the residual strength is less than MAOP which is the final failure due to:

FFS Function Structure

l  Data collection

l  Corrosion size distribution and MOAP curve graph

l  Residual strength and MOAP linear distribution

l  Corrosion type and circumferential distribution

l  Remaining life distribution

l  Strength degradation and MAOP, OP double distribution

Integrity management software based on RBI and FFS independent research and development: SPR-IM

n  Corrosion rate assessment

l  Bacteria (sulfate reducing bacteria) corrosion impact analysis

l  CO2 corrosion rate assessment

l  O2 corrosion rate assessment

l  Influence of H2S corrosion

l  External corrosion rate assessment

l  Corrosion rate assessment based on IP detection data

n  Metal defect assessment

l  DNV-RP-F101

l  ASME B31G

l  API579

l  ABS



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